Thu, 13 May 2021

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U.S. TSA says 1.6 million travel thru airports in single day high

WASHINGTON D.C.: Some 1.6 million passengers passed through U.S. airports on May 6, the largest number since March 2020.According to ...

Huge sell-of U.S. stocks continues, Dow plunges 682 points

NEW YORK, New York - U.S. stocks shattered on Wednesday, for the second day in a row as U.S. Labor ...

Free Covid shots at Empire State, Central Park for returning tourists

NEW YORK CITY, New York: To encourage the return of tourists, New York City will be offering Covid vaccines at ...

Cautious opening of UK approaches; restaurants, pubs to serve indoors

LONDON, England: The new easing of Covid restrictions will allow the British public to be served inside pubs and even ...

Stocks drop as Australia vows to keep borders closed to mid-2022

SYDNEY, NSW, Australia - Continued concern over inflation kept investors at bay in Japan and Australia on Wednesday, although sharemarkets ...

Spread of Covid halts Amazon's Prime Day sale in India

SEATTLE, Washington: Ecommerce giant has halted its Prime Day sale held yearly in India, according to its spokesperson on ...